No. 67 • 12/2018


Happy Metal: New Metal Water Pump Housing

Plastics are taking over in cars. Around 20 percent of a vehicle is now made up of PE, PU and co. Understandable, as plastics are inexpensive and, above all, light. For that reason, they have long since been used not just in the passenger compartment, but also in the body or the engine compartment. There, though, they sometimes reach their limits. For example, as the housing of the water pump.

Such housings are often made of polyurethane (PU). Over time, as a result of temperature fluctuations in the engine compartment, this material becomes brittle and cracks. Changing the water pump is then often the final straw which causes it to break completely. In the CT 1143WP2 and CT 1143WP3 timing belt kits + water pump, therefore, we have included a water pump that, unlike the OE solution, has a metal housing.

This part is made of lightweight diecast aluminum and is significantly tougher and more durable than the OE component. The dimensions are exactly the same. That means the fitter can install the housing without further modifications – and the workshop can offer its customers a durably reliable solution in excellent quality. In addition to the power transmission belt and the water pump, the kit also contains the thermostat and the coolant sensor. Consequently, the fitter has all the necessary components quickly to hand. “We have therefore responded to the requirements of the aftermarket and are offering our customers an optimized repair solution including the necessary sensor system,” says product manager Adrian Rothschild.

Workshops can, as always, rely unreservedly on the quality: As with all components for the automotive aftermarket, Continental offers registered workshops a 5-year guarantee on this product.

No. 67


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