Technical training

Technical training I – theory

Drive belt expertise

  • Target group: Automobile master technicians – mechanics – trainees
  • Training period: 2 – 3 hours
  • Participants: at least 10 people
  • Training fee: €69 per participant
  • Location of training: As agreed
  • At the end of the training, all participants receive a ContiTech training certificate

Contents of the training

  • Practical belt replacement demonstration for timing belts and multi V-belts including examples of common mistakes made when replacing a belt, and their consequences
  • Use of technical information including installation instructions, technical tips and replacement intervals
  • Correct replacement of elastic/non-elastic multi V-belts and correctly checking all the belt drive components: the belt, tensioner pulley, torsional vibration damper and overrunning alternator pulley
  • Replacing the timing belt including rollers and water pump, setting the correct belt tension, and a discussion of common mistakes
  • Flushing the cooling circuit and replacing the water pump correctly, and a discussion of common mistakes
Technical training I – theory

Technical training I – theory